EXCOGITEA®Materialized context of cogitation for Enterprise

AME – Architecture Model for Enterprise

“The Architecture Model for Enterprise (AME) is characterized by the conceptualization of a shaped environment which allow to address the heterogeneity and dynamics of an Enterprise.”

Enterprise’s dynamics

EXCOGITEA® AME addresses the dynamics of the Enterprise.
It defines how the Enterprise lives and evolves.

EXCOGITEA® AME – Synopsis of Dynamics

The AME Synopsis of Dynamics shows the general flows of dynamics.
It defines how the Enterprise can continuously change its built while simultaneously using it to execute its purpose.
It shows that the dynamics of the Enterprise isn’t just a single loop but a set of different (sub-)loops.
It identifies the triggers of the Enterprise’s various activities.

The AME Synopsis of Dynamics constitutes a referential regarding the concerns which involve timeline and dynamics.
It provides support and gives meaning to several notions such as …

Strategic, Tactical, Operational sights
Roadmaps, Programs/Projects portfolios

Enterprise’s constituents

EXCOGITEA® AME addresses the heterogeneity of the Enterprise.
It defines the built of the Enterprise which is what describes the constituents.

EXCOGITEA® AME – Layered Matrix

The AME Layered Matrix represent the virtual shape of the Enterprise.
It describes the built of the Enterprise, starting from the highest level.
Its decoupling and yet correlations mechanism address the constitutive heterogeneity.

The AME Layered Matrix is a shaped space.
A “space” within you define and model the Enterprise’s activity and constituents.
“Shaped” because it integrates the necessary generic shaping criteria.
It provides context for alignments and guidance for further detailed modeling.

AME Layered Matrix constitutes the referential environment for Enterprise’s descriptions.
It provides support and gives meaning to several notions such as …

Capability Map
Enterprise Modeling

EXCOGITEA® AME value & disruption

EXCOGITEA® original approach is disruptive in the sense that it addresses the nature of the constituents, and organizes them in the form of shaped space.

It means that it is generic in the sense that it is independent from stakeholders viewpoints, methodologies focus, business domains, trendy subjects momentum, …
This is precisely why and how it can support them and above all ensure their correlation and consistency.

EXCOGITEA® AME constitutes a foundational reference frame for the Enterprise.
It includes taxonomy, nesting and correlation of Enterprise’s constituents, starting from the most generic level.
It clarifies the scopes and defines tangible boundaries of related (sub–)disciplines.

EXCOGITEA® AME integrates a decoupling and yet correlation mechanism.
It allows to address any needs and concerns, of any stakeholders, from any viewpoints, at any granularity levels, within a same overall coherent scheme.


  • can be used as a reading grid to evaluate as-is situations, legacy schemes, …
  • can be used to validate coherence of the different viewpoints, models and charts created by current practices.
  • can be used to model changes, transformations, …
  • can be used to target impacted items only, when assessing a given subject.