the Model

Materialized context of cogitation for Enterprise.

EXCOGITEA® brings a new, enhanced and higher-level context of cogitation in terms of Enterprise Architecture and Organizational governance.

Beyond the advice provided by its original approach, EXCOGITEA® applies it and puts it into practice.
Therefore, EXCOGITEA® also provides the materialization of that cogitation context.

Whether you need to address …

  • Strategic and Operational sights
  • Org. Chart and Governance
  • Assignments, accountabilities, roles
  • Capability Map and IT landscape
  • Value streams
  • Centralized and/or federated architecture

  • Data Governance and Data Architecture
  • Security principles (architecture) and Enterprise model
  • Scopes, boundaries and related disciplines

Whether you use …

  • Ontology canvas
  • Behavioural frameworks
  • Mental models
  • Predefined patterns
  • Design principles

EXCOGITEA® provides the environment to support and map the talk.

Presenting …


“The Architecture Model for Enterprise (AME) is characterized by the conceptualization of a shaped environment which allow to address the heterogeneity and dynamics of an Enterprise.” – EXCOGITEA®

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