Enterprise Architecture
revisited and unlocked by building Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
revisited and unlocked by building Architecture

EXCOGITEA® brings a new, enhanced and higher-level context of cogitation in terms of Enterprise Architecture.

EXCOGITEA® is based on professional Architecture, an existing discipline/profession (building Architecture).
The claim of EXCOGITEA® is to use that existing discipline and to apply it to an “Organization”.

The purpose isn’t to deny current practice but to revisit it through a professional lens and to refocus the profession of the enterprise architect on its core business, namely the art of designing builds.

EXCOGITEA® re-gives sense to Enterprise Architecture.
Its original approach allows to brings what’s missing to current practices, to frame them when needed, to unlock them.

EXCOGITEA® constitutes a foundational context, a cradle, to support related disciplines.


While looking to improve their efficiency at executing their purpose, Companies and Organizations also need to be adaptable.
Facing those challenges, Organizations devote a significant part of their efforts to build and maintain their scheme.
Some major concern being to translate strategy into actionable setup.


As for applying Architecture discipline to the Enterprise, it’s about considering the overall entity, its purpose, and its implantation in the environment.
Then, it’s also about considering its heterogeneity and its dynamics.


Materialized context of cogitation for Enterprise.

Beyond the advice provided by its original approach, EXCOGITEA® applies it and puts it into practice.